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A process driven approach to negotiation that leverages technology and commercial best practices to give your team the edge in every deal. Now more than ever, negotiation stands out as a critical capability for organizations to master as means for creating and capturing value. 


However, when it comes to planning and executing negotiation strategies, most organizations are stuck in the past. 


Negotiators are left to prepare and execute through a disparate set of unconnected tools and offline processes, making internal collaboration difficult, if not impossible. To make matters worse, the most valuable resource that exists in any negotiation –knowledge– is often in the hands of a limited number of people. This leaves organizations vulnerable to losing critical information and know-how when employees transition out of roles and take with them valuable customer insights and historical knowledge. 

61% of employees report that they lack the confidence, structure, and tools to negotiate effectively.

This harsh reality means that time is being wasted and value is being left behind in every single deal. Maker Connect is the answer to these challenges. 


Its sole purpose is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the negotiation function within your organization by providing step-by-step guidance through the entire negotiation process. 


In addition, it serves as a knowledge repository and single source of truth for all negotiation related information. Solving multiple deep-rooted systemic problems simultaneously within an organization, the Maker Connect NMS provides the tools to transform any would-be negotiator into a master negotiator—improving confidence and driving performance that directly impacts the bottom line.

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